How to post a vehicle listing on
from North Georgia Auto and other sub-sites of Americas Auto Site.

Already familiar with posting on  Start Here

  1. Open
  2. Click My Account

 3. Log in with your Email and Password, click Login
     If you do not have an account click on  Click here to sign up

4.  Choose a location to post a new ad and click GO.  (top right of page)

5. Click for sale

6. Click cars & trucks by dealer

7.  Click specific city location

8.  A new ad form will appear. 

9. Open up your vehicle inventory in Americas Auto Site in a new Internet browser or tab.

10.   Click Edit to open a specific vehicle. 

        Above the photo click the link named Craigslist Ad Generator.

11.   Double click the text in the Ad HTML box.  The entire code will turn blue. 

12.    Right click and Copy the highlighted blue text.

13.   Go back to the Craigslist posting form in the previous Internet browser or tab.   In the Posting Description box Right Click and click PASTE.

14.    You can also Copy and Paste the Year, Make, Model, Trim, Price, City, State, Zip into the appropriate boxes or simply type in the information.

15.   Click CONTINUE.  ( you do not need to add or edit images)

16.   If prompted, click YES to display the photos

17.   Your ad will appear like this on 

18.    Click CONTINUE

19. Type in the security code provided by, Click CONTINUE.

20. Your Craigslist ad is complete.  You will receive an email message confirming your ad.  Click Post another listing to add another vehicle.

21. To see all of your cars and check the status of your ads click your email link at the top of the page.  Your ads will look like this.