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We Specialize In Keeping Your Vehicle Inventory Current On:  Your Website,,,, Cobalt, Dealerskins, Autobytel,, & many more.

Timely, accurate web information is critical to today's Internet customers!

Data Collection Digital Photos
Getting Data Online Photo & Data Display
Link-Back Vehicle Updates
Window Sticker & Buyers Guides Dealer Prices

Websites - Build, Host & Promote

Data Collection - 99.9% Accuracy Or Better

North Georgia Auto collects vehicle data via a personal inspection of each vehicle making sure to collect all of the pertinent options and information. Online, we categorize Safety Features, Audio Options, Power Items, Comfort Features, Vehicle Information and Dealer Contact Information so it is easy for online shoppers to find what is important to them.  Our VIN decoder helps enhance our personal vehicle inspection.

Digital Photos Enlarged Photo  Window

The NGA technician moves the vehicle to spotlight it and takes digital photos of each vehicle, determining the best lighting and angle.

We take up to 15 photos of each vehicle including interior, engine, wheel and exterior of the vehicle.

Multiple digital photos give the online shopper more reason to inquire about the vehicle.  

Click image for actual size.

A "Larger Photo" window is available that will show your vehicle photos in more detail.

Each photo is displayed by simply rolling over each image. 

No extra clicking or scrolling!

Photos are enhanced for quick website display.


Getting Data Online 
NGA takes care of that for you. We take the vehicle information and  photos back to our shop and publish the information online to our websites, your website and many 3rd party websites such as,, and many others.  We take the extra time to resize & enhance the pictures for better quality and fast uploads.  Vehicles are published the same day as our lot visit

Click for larger view

Photo & Data Display

Each vehicle gets a FULL PAGE displaying multiple photos and listing full vehicle descriptions.

  • Multiple Photos - up to 15

  • Larger Photo Window

  • Estimated MPG Fuel Mileage

  • Vehicle Reviews

  • Estimated Payment Calculator

  • Vehicle Compare - compare up to 3 vehicles

  • Just Listed Vehicle Highlight - highlights vehicles listed within 10 days

Car shoppers see the standard & enlarged photos giving them a better look at the vehicle they’re interested in buying. 

Thumbnail pictures with details.
Link-Back - We'll add our Vehicle Inventory Page to your website. 

Your inventory is on your website, and over 100 websites owned by North Georgia Auto and our network of website partners)

With NGA's Link-Back service, your vehicle inventory is posted on your own web site and the NGA website without the hassles & the upkeep. 

With Link-Back you will receive our vehicle interface on your website.  There is no duplication of data entry & changes are immediate.  

window_sticker_full.jpg (162540 bytes)
Click for full image.
Window Stickers & Buyer Guides - FREE Any Time
  • Print your own for free any time.  (Online version)
  • NGA will be happy to print & stick them, on-site, for a small fee (just $5.00 for both). 
  • English & Spanish Buyers Guides are available.
  • We will custom make a 4-color window sticker free.  Yes, a 4-color window sticker.

We use Seal 4® Window Labels and Buyers Guides


"If you don't look good,
then we don't look good!"

FACT:  87% of used car BUYERS today use the Internet to research or find their next car. 

Website - Build, Host & Promote - Click here for details.
Need to get your own website but not sure how?  We can meet with you to discuss building a website to promote your vehicle inventory 24/7.  Through our affiliations we can get a domain name registration (website name) and hosting for discounted prices typically around $150.00 per year. 

It doesn't stop there as we work to promote your website by getting it listed on all of the major search engines. (Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Google, Alta Vista, HotBot and more.)


Updates - FREE Any Time 24/7

Keeping your online inventory clean of sold units adds credibility to your dealership. It also ensures online shoppers get an accurate list of what vehicles are available for sale before they visit your lot. NGA enables dealers the flexibility to make any changes to your vehicle inventory.
You will be provided with a secure logon and password.

Call us for more details:

Philip Bloom (706) 410-4189



Have a monthly budget? 
We will work with you!

Dealer Prices - Every Plan is "Run Until It Sells!"    We keep it simple! 
We offer exceptional service at a very fair and affordable price.
We're locally family owned and operated since 2002!

Vehicle Update
& Promotion
One-Time cost per vehicle: 

$11 - 1 to 5 photos
$12 -
6 to 10 photos
$13 -
11 to 15 photos

This one time per vehicle charge include free online window stickers & buyers guides, a FREE  Standard listing* account, your vehicles are on 50 websites including,,, Lycos,, Vast and many others.

* must qualify you to be eligible for a Free Standard Listing.

Buyers Guides &
Window Sticker
One-Time cost per vehicle: 

$3 - English Buyers Guide & Full Color Window Sticker
$5 -
English Buyers Guide, Spanish Buyers Guide & Full Color Window Sticker
We use Seal 4
® Labels.  We print & stick the labels on-site.

Website Plan
  Site includes 5 pages focused to display your vehicle inventory.  (Home Page, Inventory Page, Contact Us Page, Map Page, About You Page)
  Upgrades include Vehicle Search Page, Contact Form, Online Credit Application Form, Enlarged Photo Window
Other Common Request:
  I already have a Website and just want to include your Vehicle Interface?
  I use another website such as Cobalt, Ford, or Dealerskins and just want my vehicle inventory uploaded to their database.
  I have a contract account with,, or another paid website  and I want my inventory uploaded to them without me having to do the work.
  I want my own custom vehicle display pages and want it to match my website color scheme.

All rates Include weekly visits for vehicle updates, usually 2 visits per week, email lead tracking, photos & data collection, secure access and more.

 **  NO CONTRACTS **  JUST PAY PER VEHICLE **  706 410-4189


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